Kids have the craziest ideas, don’t they? Often they are pretty brilliant too! They see the world more openly with perspectives less molded by societal norms than us adults. It’s so refreshing.  Watch this video to hear what fun perspective we gained from a little boy’s imagination.
One busy summer a couple of years back we didn’t have a chance to cut the lawn for over a week. It rained a lot and we went away on vacation. When we returned we had a serious overgrowth to contend with. I’m sure our neighbours hated us!
Our son looked in the backyard and said, “Awesome! Can we mow a maze?”
We didn’t immediately clue into what he was suggesting, “A what?”
“You know, a maze.”
“Well, I guess we can.” Why not, right? We looked in the backyard and saw a problem. Our son saw a new and exciting opportunity and taught us to see things from a different perspective. So, we mowed a maze in our lawn, of course. It made for a ton of fun!
We gained another valuable lesson from our Lawn Maze. Mowing that amount of grass all at once would have been an exhausting amount of work. Chunking it down by mowing a path first and later mowing the rest of the lawn was a reminder that goals that seem overwhelming when you look at the monumental whole are actually quite achievable when you break them down into actionable tasks. Before you know it, if you just keep taking the next step, you’ll look back and realize you conquered that giant obstacle! – Experience the Art of Fingerprint Jewelry